I teach German. Personally. Effectively. On Skype.

Niemiecki przez Skype

Courses and lessons

By Skype – an obvious choice! Any level, any goal – with me, you’ll be speaking German! Not a minute of our lessons will go to waste as you sit at your desk or in a comfortable chair.


Nauka języka Niemieckiego

German for Medical Professionals

Moving to a German-speaking country for work? Speak German first! Practice the language with a qualified teacher – only headphones and an internet-connected device are necessary.


Niemiecki online

Courses for lawyers

Professional, legal vocabulary starting from the first lesson – and remember: you’ll communicate with me only in German. German courses and conversation for lawyers about the law.


Niemiecki Wrocław

German for Business

Whether you’re having a 1-to-1 lesson or are part of a minigroup, we’ll be talking over Skype – and only in German! Any place, flexible hours, with you in mind.


or rather:

German by Skype – worth it!

I guarantee that you will leave our lessons better off than in some language school or in a typical private lesson. Why?

First of all, I start from a language audit, which allows me to prepare the next lessons according to your needs, level and interests. Before every lesson, you’ll receive high-quality materials to help you prepare. That way, every minute of our lessons will be devoted to German conversation. I never use the Polish or English language during lessons; I teach like a native speaker. After the lesson on Skype, you’ll receive an mp3 and pdf file of our conversation, along with an analysis of mistakes and tips for improvement. This means you’ll make progress a few times faster than in a standard course. You save time and money, too. To achieve A1 level in a language school takes around 120 lessons; with me, it’s only about 50! I lead lessons personally and I would never leave my clients out to dry – we will never stop lessons in the middle of a course.

How does it work?

German Skype

German lessons via Skype – price

The cost of the course, designed for your needs and expectations, depends on:

  • The level of the lessons. I am creating a course just for you. A1-level knowledge, i.e., middle school level, and C1-level knowledge, i.e., postgraduate level, are completely different. Descriptions of levels can be found in Good to know, Good to know,
  • The terms of settlement – after each lesson vs. a package of courses,
  • The time the lessons take place,
  • The number of participants does not have an influence on the price. The cost of lessons is divided by the number of students. Note: I do not organize groups; I run lessons for already-organized groups, whose members have a similar language level and goals.

Convince yourself that it’s worth it!

German via Skype
– the reviews are unanimous!

Unanimously good! My methods and professionalism get you to your goal quickly. You’ll be speaking German! Here is a selection of reviews from the service e-korepetycje. Please browse them or check out references from other clients.