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This isn’t just another language school website, nor am I just some anonymous tutor. German Skype is an expression of passion and innovation in German language learning. Almost all of my students emphasize that they had no idea that you could learn a language like this. It’s not only fast and effective, but also fun and based on interesting materials.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read this whole page, but you want to know why it’s worth calling me, this is why:

  • You want to quickly and effectively learn to communicate in German (see course options here),
  • You’re looking for a reliable translator (see translations here).

Dlaczego warto

The advantages of working with me are:

  • A wide range of services:
    • Courses and private lessons in German for individual clients over Skype, no matter your location or citizenship,
    • General courses, business and specialized German courses for companies
    • Interpretation and written translation PL<>DE.
  • My method: After your lesson, you’ll receive an mp3 file with notes from the whole lesson! Thanks to this innovative approach, you’ll quickly become attuned to the language and start to speak it fluently and correctly! Additionally, you’ll receive a record of the lesson in a text file. This unique element of my courses allows you to go back to any lesson at any time, which means that it’s not “in one ear and out the other,” as it often feels in other language courses or private lessons.
  • Individual lessons or learning in small groups (2-3 people) whose participants have a similar language level and learning goal.

to your

Kursy i korepetycje z języka niemieckiego

  • A well-thought-out lesson structure, a consistent approach to achieving your goals, an offer which is perfectly adjusted to your expectations for language training.
  • Logical, consistent, and well-prepared lessons provided with passion – using extensive knowledge, experience acquired over years, professional skills and modern teaching aids.
  • A guarantee that students can pass examinations, quizzes and tests.
  • Individualized attention from the teacher during the course, with great attention paid to results, which eliminates the feeling of anonymity experienced in language schools.
  • The speed of learning tailored to the student. We don’t „go through” the book according to the school’s program; we proceed at your pace.
  • A friendly atmosphere, a cheerful teacher with a great sense of humor who effectively motivates you to learn.

  • Unmatched quality
  • Free access to teaching aids, e-versions of all newspapers and periodicals on the German market and German literature.

This kind of collection is not available to students of any language school!

Do you want to take an intellectual adventure and deepen your knowledge of the German language?

This offer is for you!

Private lessons, company courses, translationsGerman via Skype, phone.: +48 505 862 193
I’m waiting to hear from you!

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