German lessons over Skype

I can teach you to speak German fluently

What I offer is well-prepared, interesting, and professional German lessons over Skype that are designed 100% in response to your needs, with guaranteed effectiveness.

Our lessons always start with a free language audit for checking your level of knowledge of the language. Next, on the basis of those results and your goals, I’ll design the first lesson for you. After this lesson, we’ll talk about how it went and make a plan for learning together.

Kursy i korepetycje

Who are lessons over Skype for?

My German lessons are guaranteed to be effective for:

  • anyone who is over 16 years old and wants to learn to communicate in German quickly and effectively,
  • people preparing for language exams at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2,
  • lawyers, IT specialists and programmers, managers, doctors and other professionals,
  • small-business owners,
  • people going to Germany and other German-speaking countries to work – you’ll be able to communicate in German after just one month of learning!
  • students,
  • seniors,
  • disabled people,
  • employees of international firms.

Learning over Skype – exceptionally effective 

My classes are very engaging and demand a lot of work outside of the lessons. I send materials for every lesson a few days before the lesson, and you need to prepare. These materials are adjusted to your level and expectations, and may include: an mp3 file with a dialogue and a pdf file with its transcript, a vocabulary list, and lexical and grammatical exercises for you to practice with. This is the reason why I don’t offer lessons for anyone under the age of 16.

During the lesson itself, we focus on improvising similar scenes and discussing the situations presented in the preparatory materials. Thanks to this approach, every minute of the lesson is spent in conversation, which is what will get you to your goal. This innovative and interesting way of preparing materials and leading lessons has been successful many times over in helping my students make rapid progress.

During the lessons itself, I am creating a file, that has a record of our discussion. As we are talking, I am recording our conversation and correcting your mistakes; afterwards, you receive both files – the sound and the text. This is possible because I can make notes on the computer at the same pace as we’re speaking. This approach means our conversation isn’t a one-and-done. This “product” – with your responses and my tips – stays long after our conversation is over. You can analyze it, learn from your own mistakes, correct your pronunciation errors and, in this way, make faster progress. This innovative approach allows you to go back to any lesson at any time. Everything’s there!

You can listen to the mp3 file at any time, noting correct pronunciation, structure and vocabulary. This will help you learn for good!

Note:: You will receive the content of every lesson in two formats: mp3 and pdf. The lessons are yours forever, for you to return to, listen to again and re-read. Having this record makes it easier for you to make faster progress and speak correctly and naturally.

What is also important is that I speak German fluently and naturally. When I am leading lessons, I can keep us focused on using specific interesting and applicable vocabulary and structures which in no way resemble the typical nonsense and useless vocabulary you learn in school.

Because I write down everything that we’re saying, which you receive later in mp3 format, you can also expand your vocabulary and learn „live,” spontaneous reactions that are typical in a similar situation.

Besides these materials, which are an integral part of the course, I also provide access to many other materials for course participants. I have access to all newspapers and periodicals that are published in German-language countries, and I often send relevant or interesting articles for students to read for fun or to prepare for lessons.

Additional benefits of private lessons over Skype 

Whether they are courses, private lessons or small group lessons, they take place over Skype. You’re not stuck in one place and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Wrocław, Frankfurt or even Australia (and yes, I also work with Poles living in the US and Australia!). Skype has no limits. The formula is the same: Learning this way is simply effective, you don’t waste time on getting somewhere, and you can sit in your favorite armchair or on a comfortable couch.

Frequency of the lessons

The most frequent format for lessons is 2 45-minute lessons per week, but I leave the final decision to the student. Of course, it is possible to learn faster or slower.


The cost, which is adjusted to your goals and expectations, depends on:

  • The level of the lessons. I am creating a course just for you. A1-level knowledge, i.e., middle school level, and C1-level knowledge, i.e., postgraduate level, are completely different. Descriptions of levels can be found in Good to know, Good to know.
  • The terms of settlement – after each lesson vs. a package of courses. You can pay for one lesson or a few lessons in advance, or even buy a 1-month or 2-month package,
  • The number of course participants has no influence on the cost, which is split among them. Note: I do not organize groups; I teach groups which are already organized, whose participants have a similar language level and goals. This comes as a result of one of my fundamental rules of teaching: full flexibility for organizing lessons. For example, if you’re sick or on vacation and you can’t make the lessons, we can make them up at another time. If course participants don’t know each other well, it becomes hard to set a time which works for everyone. Minigroup lessons are also possible over Skype using the teleconferencing function. Again – you are in no way tied to one place!

It’s really worth learning German by Skype with me

I guarantee that you will leave our courses better off than in some language school or in a typical private lesson. Why?

  • My lessons are comprehensive – before every lesson, you’ll receive a set of high-quality materials that you will use to prepare. In this way, every minute of our lessons is devoted to speaking German.
  • I don’t use Polish or English during lessons, even at the lowest levels.
  • After the Skype lesson, you’ll receive an mp3 and a pdf file with our conversation, an analysis of mistakes, and tips for improvement.
  • All of this means that you’ll make progress a few times faster than in a standard course. You save time and money. To achieve A1 level in a language school, for example, would take you around 120 lessons; with me, it only takes 50. That’s a huge difference!

We spend as much time as is necessary on a topic or problem – whether it’s 5 minutes or 105 minutes. In language schools, you have to sit through a topic for 90 minutes whether you need it or not.

You can count on my courses!

For every transfer, you’ll receive an invoice. I operate honestly, and I never offer lessons under the table. This is why I am able to build trust with the most demanding clients. I also operate year-round, so I won’t leave you out to dry during summer. I respect your time and you.

You’re thinking about signing up?

The less time you spend thinking, the faster you’ll start speaking German!

Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute!
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Courses and private lessons on Skype

Lessons can take place:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.00-22.00
  • Wednesdays: 8.00-16.00
  • Fridays: 8.00-12.00

No classes in July!

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