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Join me for private lessons and German courses on Skype, designed just for you!

How do exam prep courses work?

In these courses, we focus strictly on exam questions and tasks. The goal of the course is for you to do the best you can on the exams, which is why we practice the types of questions which will be on the exam. Sometimes during the course, it becomes apparent that you are missing a key skill, which we will remediate in the lessons, and you’ll receive additional materials for practicing at home. In my opinion, the most effective way to prepare for exams is to do a normal course that develops all of your skills at a given level, and then a month or two before the test date, do exam prep.

Kurs Niemieckiego przed egzaminem

Which exams can I help you prepare for?

  • Goethe-Institut exams, all levels. Most people take the B2 exam, because it is often required to start working in German-speaking countries,
  • TELC exams, all levels.
  • Secondary school entrance exams,
  • Secondary school final exams – basic and advanced,
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom,
  • Exams for physicians, e.g. AZAV,
  • Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD) exam,
  • DSH exams that allows foreigners to study in German-language universities,
  • Other exams.

As an experienced examiner, I can calm your nerves and give you tips for overcoming the stressful atmosphere of the exam. I know all exam requirements at various stages of education.

As a University lecturer, I am also familiar with all university and technical university requirements.

I offer lessons:

  • Via Skype – you can learn in any place you want with lessons based on the highest quality multimedia materials, which you’ll receive electronically before the lesson,
  • Individually or in small (2-3 people) groups. These groups are organized by the participants and should comprise individuals with similar language levels and learning goals (I do not help you organize groups).

After learning with me, you can go to the exam sure that you’ll pass. This is priceless. The passing rate of my students is 100%.

Do you appreciate my clear approach? Feel free to contact me!

Familiarize yourself with more information about courses.

Private lessons, company courses,, translations – Comprehensive German, phone.: +48 505 862 193

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Courses and private lessons on Skype

Lessons can take place:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.00-22.00
  • Wednesdays: 8.00-16.00
  • Fridays: 8.00-12.00

My Skype handle: fryksos