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Speak German at work!

More and more companies all over the world are looking for employees who can prove they have a very good knowledge of German. In order to meet employers’ high expectations, I encourage you to take part in bespoke, innovative corporate trainings.

German classes and courses via Skype for companies

All trainings are provided through Skype, with one lesson lasting 30-40 minutes, meaning that you’re not significantly cutting into the work day. Many of my clients even take lessons during the day, not just before or after work. The materials for the lessons are sent a few days before the lesson, so that employees can effectively prepare for our conversation. The conversations focus on developing communication skills in German with an eye towards the company in question and its needs, and they are based on the previously sent materials. This way, every minute of the lesson is used to the maximum extent. We aren’t dilly-dallying for 90 minutes – time is money! Since I can take notes on the computer at the speed we’re speaking, I am able to record what students say, what the right way to say it is, and what my responses are – and the student receives this immediately after the lesson.

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It is a very attractive solution for companies, as students make progress much faster than during standard lessons.

I offer companies not only language training as described on other subpages (see: legal,medicalconversation and general courses), but also trainings led in German on selected topics relevant to the industry or something of a more general character. An example would be conducting conversations with contractors or conducting negotiations.

Our partnership will always start from a language audit and a precise determination of the company’s expectations. The maximum number of participants in one group, which is led via teleconferencing on Skype, is three – because efficacy is most important to me!

I conduct well-thought-out and very innovative trainings for companies all over the world!

Obviously effectively! Convince yourself it’s worth it – check out how courses with me on Skype look.

I offer:

  • General German courses for companies,
  • Courses of Geschäftsdeutsch (Business German),
  • Specialized, industry specific German courses for:
    • Management,
    • Lawyers,
    • Doctors and nurses,
    • Bankers,
    • IT specialists and Programmers,
    • Teachers,
    • Marketing specialists,
    • Tour operators and other tourism-related roles,
    • Hotel employees,
    • Restaurant employees,
    • Other professionals.

NEW: Language level verification

Check the German language skills of your future employee! Commission a verification. I conduct language verifications based on my own materials or a company’s documents. The scope of the conversation (i.e., topic and length) and the method of conducting it (i.e., telephone or Skype) is set individually with the company. I guarantee flexibility and good conditions for cooperation.

Good German courses for companies?

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Check out what my clients say about how my courses run and how effective they are! References!

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