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Bringing together passion and work

My name is Radoslaw Chyzy. For more than 10 years, I have been teaching effective German language courses; for the last several years, I’ve done it over Skype. I am also an interpreter and translator. I use German every day, and I have for years.

Although the language still fascinates me, I know that not everyone shares my excitement when they want or have to learn it. This is where my passion and profession come together – I teach German in a way that motivates students to learn it and create lessons that are interesting for them. My goal is to conduct lessons so that the learner both reaches his goal and enjoys doing it. “Going through” a predefined coursebook is not for me or my students! I design every course myself and adjust it to the needs and possibilities of the learner. I can also guarantee its effectiveness – methodical learning with me, using my instructions, results in the ability to use German in speaking and writing, as well as the ability to pass quizzes, tests, and examinations at every level of difficulty.

I love what I do, and I stand for quality. My students can see my knowledge and passion for the German language, which I am trying to pass on to them.

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I put my whole heart into running these courses, and it really shows during lessons. I am always cheerful and positive towards students. I understand that we all have bad days, and I approach my students with respect and empathy. I can identify the strengths of every student and use those in teaching. But I am also demanding. I encourage and motivate students to learn, noting what the student does well and what still needs improvement. I give tips of what to work on to get better results.

I try to get students interested in the language through a rich (and who knows, maybe the richest!) portfolio of teaching aids and audiovisual materials, an abundant digital library and a collection of games and other fun activities. Do you like UFOs? Let’s talk about them in German! Have an important legal exam in German? I’ll give you materials so that there are no surprises on the test! You’re going to Germany for work, but you still can’t say much? You’ll start to speak freely!

Why do I teach over Skype?

Although the majority of my clients express doubts at first that this type of learning is for them, the fact is that teaching over Skype gives us many more possibilities than a stationary course does. First of all, in a stationary lesson, I’m not in a position to create such an exact record of the lesson as I provide to my students after every lesson with me. My students live around the world and are not connected to a place, per se, so lessons take place at work, at home and even in hotels during business trips or vacations. Most of my students have regular lessons, even during vacation, because they want to. Our conversations aren’t a chore; they’re a break from responsibility, the interesting talks that they’ve been missing. My students have emphasized that these lessons not only develop their language skills, but their personality and their approach to and understanding of the world.

I create courses not only for every professional group, but also for different personalities. I can break down every barrier to learning – I’ve worked with Alzheimer’s patients, with disabled learners – everything is possible over Skype. I do not, however, run courses for children and teenagers, since the method I use assumes considerable independence of the student.

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More formally about me

  • I am a graduate of German philology at the University of Wroclaw.
  • I have experience running classes on interpretation and written translation in the department of German philology at the University of Wroclaw.
  • I have experience providing lessons in postgraduate studies for German translators – primarily other teachers and translators – at the University of Wroclaw.
  • I worked in the TELC examination center.
  • I run courses for disabled students at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (on behalf of the Your New Possibilities Association), which helps them prepare for the required examinations that are part of their study program. Thanks to this, I am deeply familiar with university requirements and can incorporate them into my lessons.
  • I have completed pedagogical and methodological coursework and am authorized to teach in public schools. I also have experience in working with youth as a summer camp counselor in Germany, Estonia and Poland.
  • I’ve taught in several language schools: Profi Lingua, Empik School, Estima, Green Orange, Queens School (see References).
  • I do translations of legal texts as well as of literary, journalistic and other texts.
  • As a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter of German, I have served at symposia, trainings, conferences, interviews and business meetings.
  • I regularly take part in workshops and trainings.
  • Countless clients are satisfied with my services as a teacher and translator. See for yourself!

Contact me if you’re interested in effective German lessons over Skype!
Tel.: +48 505 862 193