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I have worked for more than 10 years as a German translator and instructor in Poland and Germany. I work how you like: on time, reliably, and professionally.

My services are used first and foremost by those who value and prioritize the quality of the translation: using the appropriate language register, perceiving the subtle differences between words, selecting the appropriate structures to the type of text.

When commissioning a translation, oral or written, in a translation bureau, you have no influence on who does the translation and what their qualifications are. For those who put the quality of a translation above all, this can be an uncomfortable situation.

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Translations I offer:


  • General translations,
  • Translations of legal texts,
  • Translations of economic texts,
  • Translations of technical texts,
  • Translations of literary texts,
  • Translations of popular science texts,
  • Translations of journalistic texts,
  • Translations for the film industry,
  • Translations of documents,
  • Oral:

  • Consecutive interpretation (following/stop and start),
  • Simultaneous interpretation (same time/continuous).

Translations price list:

The cost of translations and interpretations is set individually depending on:

  • Their volume,
  • Their deadline,
  • The concentration of specialized vocabulary in the text.

The commissioner covers the cost of transport and accommodation. For commissions by individuals, the service is provided after the receipt of payment. For commissions by companies, a contract is necessary.

The best price-quality ratio!

I encourage you to review my translation portfolio:


  • A translation of aphorisms in the volume “Gra myśli / Thought game”, Wrocław, ATUT, 2010,
  • A translation of aphorisms in the volume „Myśli w locie / Thoughts in flight”, Wrocław, ATUT, 2009,
  • A translation of the stories of Armin Müller in the volume „Rezonujące drewno / Resonant wood”, Wrocław, ATUT, 2007,
  • A translations of stories in the volume „Obrazy życia / Paintings of life” by Peter Paul Wiplinger, Wrocław, ATUT, 2006,


  • Translation of a reportage about Marek Krajewski, commissioned by ZDF (simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, written translation),
    (tłumaczenia symultaniczne, konsekutywne, pisemne),
  • Interpreting for the Wroclaw-Dortmund St. Jadwiga Foundation,
  • Translations of the series: „Dlaczego Ja / Why me”, „Trudne sprawy / Difficult matters”, „Pamiętniki z wakacji / Vacation diaries”,

Academic publications:

  • „Zum Begriff der Qualität der Verdolmetschung” („About quality interpreting”) in the after-conference volume Translation: Theorie – Praxis – Didaktik.

Please find opinions of my services in the References tab.

Private lessons, company courses, translations – Phone: +48 505 862 193